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:star:2009 ESSAY A DAY UPDATE:star:

:iconmatsuharuki: Okay, well I got this idea from my awesoem little sister! 8D
From the name, it's writing 365 essays for the whole year.
Ambitious? Could be but whatever works. :lmao:

As of this time, I've managed to finish 5 essays while a total of 8 waits for my attention.
Today, I'm supposed to write 3 essays.
Sounds exciting?
You bet it is!

As of this update, my waiting list now only houses 5 essays.
Those were from January 02-January 06.
Of course, future exploits were excluded.
I feel a little relieved right now.

:star:I GOT FEATURED:star:

I wrote a lyric poem (villanelle) for Challenge #33 of :iconpoetryplease: and it got featured! :faint:

If you want to read it, here's a link: Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe.

Here's the journal link where the club featured my poetry: Click Me.

I almost died when PoetryPlease informed me that my piece was featured for the 33rd Challenge. Thank you so much, guys! :worship::worship::worship:

:star::star::jsenn::star::star:FAN FICTIONS UPLOADED:star::star::jsenn::star::star:

Oh and yeah, I uploaded my three fan fictions on this account.
Two of them are unfinished and the third one a one shot fic.
You can visit them through the following links:

:coffeecup:Takumi's Relapse
:coffeecup:It Takes Two
:coffeecup:A Memorable Nightmare of Desires


I tried to write a little something for :iconfiftywordfiction:'s The Big Dinner.

You can read it here: Welcome to the Family. Any piece for the club requires it to be under or equal to fifty, in terms of word count.

Basically, my piece is about the first family dinner, when the suitor/boyfriend is welcomed into the girlfriend's family. From where I'm from, that's a prerequisite for a healthy marriage. The guy courts the girl and her family as well, making sure that familial bonds are kept strong.

Writing the piece, I had only one person in mind:

:star::star::jsenn::star::star:STILL PIMPING: BREATHE :star::star::jsenn::star::star:

I wrote a new poem, which was inspired by Nicole Escobar's Circumstances of Youth.

The specifics were 11 syllables, 28 lines.

Included both Writerscafe [WC] and deviantART [dA] links. You don't have to go to WC to read the lyrics since there are no differences but it'll be greatly appreciated.

:coffeecup:[dA] Breathe
:coffeecup:[WC] Breathe


Added Bonus: They're also epic writers.


I would REALLY love a subscription!

:star:JOINED NEW CLUBS:star:

Yeah. I did.


:coffeecup: FRIENDS AND WATCHERS :coffeecup:

:coffeecup: CLUBS I'VE JOINED :coffeecup:

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